Tacius Golding High School

 Rushaine Clarke, Youthlink Writer

Tacius Golding High School is nestled in the cool hills of Brown’s Hall, St Catherine, approximately 28 miles from Kingston. The land on which the school sits was once owned by the former member of parliament and prolific educator after whom the school was named. Tacius Golding was also the father of former Prime Minister Bruce Golding.


Approximately 1,400 students are currently enrolled in the school and 12 of the teachers there are also past students of the institution. Though not on the list of traditional high schools, Tacius Golding boasts exceptional performance in internal examinations and this mirrors the 100 per cent pass rate over five years in the external physical education, sports, theatre arts and electronic documentation preparation and management exams. The curricula also include survival reading, which is taught to approximately 800 students there. Tuition grants received from the Government facilitate the teaching of various subject areas.

For the last six years, the school’s guidance department has been working together with the PATH committee to ensure that almost half the school’s population is fed on a daily basis. This feeding programme is sustained by the school’s focus on agriculture, specifically the rearing of chickens and pigs, and growing bananas, plantains, sorrel, coffee, peppers and so on.

The Gleaner/Burger King debate champions in 2008 and second-place winners in 2009 boast a collection of trophies, medals and certificates from the Jamaica Cultural Development Competitions, as well as from involvement in athletics, netball and 4-H activities. It’s no wonder that so many outstanding persons have been linked to Tacius Golding High School, including former Sports Man of the Year and 400m champion Jermaine (Speedy) Gonzales, three-time Penn Relays long jump winner Kedine Geddes, Chef of the Year 2011-2012 Dorran Christian, and Odette Hamilton, who ranked second on the list of top football referees in the island for 2012 to 2013, behind Cordella Samuels.

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