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Examination – Tacius Golding High

Grading System: Students final grades are calculated as follows: Sixty Percent (60%) of examination grade Twenty Percent (20%) from coursework Twenty Percent (20%) from homework assignment

Monthly Assessment: This is an ongoing assessment done by subject teachers. This is important for the compilation of course work grades and monitoring of students’ progress. Homework assignments are given by all subjects teachers. It is mandatory that these be complete and submitted to the respective subject teachers.

Mid-Year Examination: This is the first of the two major examinations done at the school. It is administered in December of each school year. A record of performance is made for each child. Parents get an opportunity to see their children’s report when they visit on Parent Day – a convenient date set after the Mid – Year Examination.

End of Year Examination: This is the final examination of each school year and is held in June. A progress report is prepared for each child. This is dispatched only to parents/guardians or designate.
Principal’s Honour Roll: Principal’s List (Averages of 85 – 100 on Internal Examination) Vice Principals – Averages of 75 – 84 Grade Supervisors – Averages of 65 – 74


1) Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)

2) Technical Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (TVQJ)

3) Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ)

4) Pitman Qualification (CITY & GUILD)

5) Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL)

6) Jamaica School Certificate Examination (JSCE)
This school is a centre for ALL examinations both internal and external.
EXTRA CLASSES: Extra classes are organized to accommodate students who wish to access additional lessons related to their course of studies.