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Deportment – Tacius Golding High

Students are to participate in ALL DEVOTIONAL EXERCISES organized by the school.

Students must be punctual for all scheduled meetings including classes.

Students are expected to show respect to ALL MEMBERS of the school community. They should speak POLITELY at ALL TIMES and give way to adults when it becomes necessary. Loud talking especially in classrooms and along the corridors attracts a penalty.

The use of expletives (indecent language), is forbidden and attracts a fine.

Students must protect and enhance the beauty of their school surrounding. They are never to litter the compound. Instead they should use the bins provided as garbage receptacles.

NO GRAFFITI must be seen throughout the entire school compound.

Riding bicycles along the corridors is prohibited. Riding on the school compound, e.g. the car park and driveways, is not allowed.

Sexual acts and other sexual contacts between student/teacher, student/student are prohibited.

Students with communicable diseases such as measles, mumps or other serious diseases, should remain home until the condition improves. This will likely benefit the students concerned and prevent the spread of the condition to others.

No recommendation or other school documents will be prepared for students by the school unless outstanding debts are paid.

Electronic devices such as telephones, radios, television sets, cassette players, MP players and earphones must not be taken to school. These are prohibited and will be confiscated unless there is adequate proof that permission was granted.

Cell phones are strictly prohibited.

Students are to respond promptly to the bell and hence make it to their classes on time.

All classrooms should be clean and well organized for classes. Eating or drinking during class time is prohibited. Chewing of gums is taboo.

All students must attend all scheduled classes.

Students are all expected to “involve” themselves in the general tidying up of their classroom dirty or in disarray.
Never leave a classroom dirty or in disarray.

Students are expected to be QUIET while using the library. They should care enough not to disturb others. Eating or drinking in the library is taboo.

Special care must be taken of books accessed through the Book Rental System. If damaged or lost, the books must be replaced by the borrower.


No students should have on his person or in his bag etc. any offensive weapons e.g. knife, razor blades, scissors.

All users, owners or contemporary possessors of offensive weapons will be strongly punished.


Students must attend school regularly and punctually.

Students are not to leave the school premises before dismissal without the permission of the teacher in charge.

Students in attendance at school must attend all classes permitted by the principal or designate.

If a student has very good reasons to leave school before dismissal, a letter from the parent/guardian seeking permission, must be sent in to the principal or designate.

If a student is absent from school, a written excuse from his parent or guardian school accompany him on his return.


Students must use each equipment only for the purpose for which they are designed e.g. there should be no sitting on desks or tables.

Chairs must not be removed from dassrooms except with the permission of a teacher and must be returned after each use.

Students will be held responsible for malicious destruction of fixtures and or equipment. The offenders will be charged a find for repairs of equipment or fixtures.


Students are to access materials such as books, pens, pencils, geometry sets, i.e. as stipulated by their book list and take to school only which is necessary for each day’s activities as stipulate by the timetable.

Students must protect their property and not leave them carelessly around. The school will not undertake the responsibility for any loss or damage.

Unauthorized removal of books or materials belonging to the school premises is prohibited.


Problem between students should be first reported to a teacher to be dealt with at school before it is taken home.

No relative is allowed to come into the school to approach any student or teacher before first coming to the principal or vice principal and the channel to use is the General Office.

Students must never encourage to receive visitors while at school. Responsible visitors MUST ALWAYS enquire for students at the General Office.

Sexual acts and other sexual contacts between student/teacher of student/student are prohibited. Pornographic – (sexually related) literature – is taboo.


Smoking is prohibited.

Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in any form is strictly forbidden.

The abuser or supplier of these substances are considered wrongdoer and will attract the strongest disciplinary action.
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